10 Benefits of being a Toyboy


With the rapid changes in life on all fronts more and more people are looking to break out of conventions. The same has happened in terms of our relationships as well. So with the change in mindset of looking down on lesser socially accepted relationships Sugar mama dating and the importance of toyboys have grown in recent times. As older women are looking to date young men who are significantly younger to them there are many benefits the toyboys have had. Let us point out the top 10 such benefits.

What is so great about being a Toyboy?

1. May be a great income source

More and more cougars these days are looking for toyboys to date with. They are also willingly to pay well for the job. So, firstly as a toyboy you can make a good source of income.

2. Youthful enthusiasm

With our lives becoming more fact and complex, it is also stressful in many ways. In the face of such unpleasant events toyboys generate great youthful enthusiasm which many look up to. This is why elder women would want to be around you.

3. Toyboys have more bedroom stamina 

It is seen that men’s sexual drive seem to die out with age in contrary to women who may have peak level sexual drives at an older age. In such instances a toyboy has more bedroom stamina and is able to satisfy older women in a much better way in comparison to elderly men. 

4. Less burdened with life

Toyboys are young and thus are much freer in life. So unlike your aged men you do not have many hang-ups with life. Often aged men may have family or divorce related issues. So in terms of dating they are much easier to get along with.

5. Toyboys are much healthier and fitter 

Unlike elder men who usually have health related issues toyboys are much fitter and healthier. This is therefore a great benefit. 

6. You can gain from the wisdom of older women 

Being in the company of cougars you get the opportunity to gain from their wisdom if you are able to build up a genuine relationship with her.

7. Great satisfaction of making someone happy 

As a toyboy you can provide great joy and happiness to older women when you are with her. Thus the satisfaction of being able to make someone else happy may be great which you can enjoy.

8. Adoration you receive from her 

With your youthfulness as a toyboy you would with a genuine relationship be able to win her adoration in the long run. In turn this may make you feel just great as a young toyboy. So just the fact that a successful woman is in love with you may itself make you feel happy.  

9. The excitement to be able to move out of conventions 

Sometimes sticking to typical social norms and conventions may make one feel bored. However as a toyboy you may feel excited with the very fact that you have broken out of the general social conventions. 

10. May make you feel more confident in life

As a toyboy with sugar mama dating you would feel more confident in life with the knowledge that you can satisfy women who are elder to you and are wiser.

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