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Do you really like mature women? Many guys say
they do but when a women gets over the age of 45yo they lose interest If thats you
then you DON'T
Ive been with a woman 15years my senior for over ten years and theres a lot of
things most younger men don't think about. For example,Menopause and there
insecurities that you wont love them anymore to name a few things. You really as a
young guy you must evolve through the relationship and have a healthy libido and
make sure you are great friends above all, Some people forget that the thing that
makes a relationship last isn't what you love about the other person its can you
tolerate there faults and if you both can tolerate each other and have a healthy sex
life things should be ok, But its dead set like telling the sky its orange when you
try to tell a mature woman you love them they wont believe you it'll take some
convincing and remember there the ones with lots to lose more than you so tread
carefully and be a man not a kid they didn't wanna go out with there son they wanted
a man so act like one and leave the rubbish at the door because mature women have
been to the puppet show and they have seen the strings and you can bullshit them its
not fair and they will know.

Advice category: Relationships

Topic: Dating advice & safety tips:Photos that truly represent yourself
It's important to represent fully who you are. I do understand when people say that
you shouldn't put up all old photos of yourself, meaning ones that are greater than
a few years old, particularly if you've changed a lot in that time. However, it's
important to know and show who you were years before (say 5 or 10 years ago) and the
activities you participated in and show a progression of yourself. This can really
show who you are and importantly, how you have become who you are! For example, I
was in a number of bands years ago (5 years ago), so I still like to show photos
from back then because it helps demonstrate who I was, and this gives everyone a
better understanding of how I have become who I am today. Hope this helps. Good luck
everyone :)

Advice category: Photo Tips

Topic: Dating advice & safety tips:Respect
Remember no one likes a person that is not treating them with respect. Take your
time getting to know the person, ask what's there likes and dislikes that way the
two of you will be on the same page. Respect yourself and others will have more
respect for you to.

Advice category: Manners

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